live audiovisual performance by Sophie Itey and Joseph Larralde


Substances immerses the audience into an abstract visual matter and takes them to a contemplative inner journey.
By technological means, reality gets diffracted in a perpetually reconfiguring shape-space continuum.
Behind their machines, the duo of performers tries to sculpt this intangible material, showing a process with no finality but its own progress.


  • Vision'R festival, November 23rd 2018, @Le 100ecs (Paris)
  • Technomancie festival, October 6th 2018, @Couvent Levat (Marseille)
  • MeltingCode festival, April 7th 2017, @Halle des Chartrons (Bordeaux)


Substances (excerpt), Joseph Larralde + Sophie Itey @ Halle des Chartrons (Bordeaux), 2017

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