Collaboration with OVAOM

OVAOM is a talented company based in Paris that develops physical controllers and mobile applications for music pedagogy. I met their founding members Muriel Colagrande and Simon Hill at the CRI's MotionLab some years ago, and we had a very interesting discussion about gestural control of real-time synthesis throughout which they showed me some very promising prototypes.


I was so glad that OVAOM proposed me to collaborate with them in 2020. Their physical controllers are actually BLE devices, and they needed a simple way to use them to prototype applications in a variety of environments. The natural choice was to create a BLE to OSC bridge application for their controllers, so I developed a desktop application based on the electron framework to perform this task, as well as Max/MSP and NodeJS template projects to get easily started.

The application is not open source, however it is freely available for Mac OSX and Windows together with the template projects from this github repository, although it will not be very useful if you don't own one of their controllers ...

And here is a demo video with the Pure Data template project :

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