La Pédale

As its name and look suggest, La Pédale is a guitar stompbox. We developed it together with my brother Gabriel whom I played in various bands with in the past. The hardware is based on a Raspberry Pi zero computer, a Sound Injector zero audio interface, an Arduino nano and custom electronic circuits, which are specifically designed to make it fit into electric guitar / bass pedalboards. All the audio processing is done with Pure Data, which is itself managed by a NodeJS server allowing the users to assign their own effects to 4 slots from a local web interface, accessible from the USB network connection using RNDIS drivers. Pure Data runs a main patch that can load up to 4 effects, all of which are based on a simple Pure Data template patch. It is also possible to ssh into La Pédale.

The stompbox features a true bypass footswitch, analog dry/wet and volume control knobs, a 4 state switch to select the active slot, a finger switch dedicated to preset management, an assignable footswitch, 4 assignable knobs, and an external assignable sensor input.

It was inspired by great projects like MOD Devices, targeting a more nerdy audience, but always with great sound in mind.

We published a paper in french at an earlier stage of the project in the journal Revue Francophone Informatique et Musique n°7-8 entitled "Culture of Code".

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