Collaboration with Huihui Cheng

Huihui Cheng is a contemporary music composer whom I met when I was working at IRCAM. Later on, I had the chance to work on two of her pieces which actively involve the audience by asking them to participate in the concert through dedicated web applications. The applications roughly consist in series of mini musical games, manually synchronized by Huihui with the musicians playing live from a dedicated control interface.

Your Smartest Choice

The piece had already been composed and performed, and the web application already authored by my former IRCAM colleague Benjamin Matuszewski, using version 2 of IRCAM's soundworks framework. Huihui asked me if I could port it to an online version that would allow people to gather and play it in sync on their smartphones outside of a live concert situation, so all I did was just to fork the original version, add a few functionalities such as background music and automation of the live controls on the server, and push this new version online.

The piece has been edited on her portrait CD, and the game is available here (only compatible with mobile browsers).